Coloured Raine now available at Target

Coloured Raine now available at Target-Coloured Raine Cosmetics

*UPDATE: Click here to view Target stores carrying Coloured Raine products. We recommend you call ahead to avoid disappointment.

We're delighted to announce that select products are now carried online at, and will be available in select stores from May 20th. 

We're elated to know that Target is continuously evolving the customer experience and meeting the shopping needs of an ever more diverse clientele by expanding their current cosmetics offerings to include inclusive indie brands like Coloured Raine. 

Now all women, from pale-skinned to women of color, have an increasingly expanded selection of high quality, affordable makeup products to choose from. We're highly excited to be part of Target’s expansion in the multicultural beauty space and want women of all ages, sizes, skin colors and ethnicities to feel their best on the inside and out.

From Christina Hennington, senior vice president of Beauty and Essentials at Target: 

"We know our guests have a wide range of beauty needs and preferences, and we want to make sure Target has the best assortment for all hair types or skin tones. These eight new cosmetic brands will further our range of shade options—from foundation to lip—and are available at incredible prices. We’ll continue to listen to our guests to understand what beauty products they’re looking for at Target, and look forward to seeing their response to these new cosmetic brands."


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Tyra May 24 2018

I’m so excited

Tyra May 24 2018

I’m so excited

Jada April 20 2018

I’m so excited I can’t wait to let everybody know.

Yolanda Colon April 20 2018

Yessss! Target is only a few blocks away from me. No more waiting for shipping😁

LaQuanda April 19 2018

So glad ! This is So exciting !!!!can’t wait i Love every color especially the bold colors!!!

Cori April 19 2018


Panthea April 19 2018

I anxiously await the appearance of Coloured Raine at Target. Excellent.

Nickola April 19 2018

I’m very excited and happy for Coloured Raine! OMG! Yessssss!

Elyse Claire April 19 2018

This is great! Excited to see coloured raine on the shelves in the near near future!

Evey April 19 2018

Wow this is so awesome! Congratulations! Can’t wait until they have it in store

Sharon L. Baker April 19 2018


Angela April 19 2018


Christian Deuett April 19 2018

This is AWESOME!!

Lisa Davis April 19 2018

Congratulations to Colouredraine and Target for their Partnership ❤️❤️

Miesha Washington April 19 2018


Stephanie April 19 2018

This is awesome I’m excited!!

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