Coloured Raine Featured on

Coloured Raine Featured on Raine Cosmetics

We're delighted to have been featured in a Bustle article this week! Bustle is a publication by and for women. They write stories about fashion, politics, technology, celebrities, health, beauty, work, sex, friendship, food, and more in a way that's smart, informative, fun, and supportive.

From the article:

"Coloured Raine Cosmetics is a cruelty-free, black-owned brand which champions self-expression and diversity, and especially focuses on bringing beautiful shades to women of color. The owner, Loraine R. Dowdy, believes that makeup is a toy for grownups, so her collections, palettes, and colors are all super playful, intensely pigmented, and experimental...

Not only is Target bringing us exciting indie brands, but it's also propelling black owned businesses to the forefront, making sure it caters to its diverse set of customers. Suffice it to say shopping at Target is about to get a whole lot more tempting."


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Coloured Raine & “POWER” Collaborate on Makeup Collection

Coloured Raine & “POWER” Collaborate on Makeup Collection

Coloured Raine Featured in People Magazine-Coloured Raine Cosmetics

Coloured Raine Featured in People Magazine


DonMichael Lowery January 1 2020

Do you have professional discounts for celebrity artist such as myself? I’d like to try your product on some of my clients,and and also my other celebrity makeup artist friends.

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