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Coloured Raine Authenticity

In an effort to help combat a major counterfeit issue of potentially dangerous Coloured Raine products being sold to consumers, we've partnered with an RFID company to create authenticity seals. Seals will be added to all Coloured Raine eyeshadow palettes sold through this website, and our approved retailers. 

How do authenticity seals work?

Spotting an authenticity seal on your product isn't enough. Each holographic label contains a unique serial number. Using a free QR scanner app, scan the QR code on the label. The scanner will open up a webpage that will search our online database for your unique code. If your product is authentic, it will be verified as such.

What next?

If your product is authentic, you can go right ahead and enjoy your purchase! If you're looking for inspiration on how to use your new palette, check out our tutorials. New tutorials are added all the time, so be sure bookmark the page.

If your product is counterfeit, the system will warn you, and product information will be sent to the proper authorities so the counterfeit producers can be caught. Coloured Raine is not responsible for purchases of counterfeit products. We recommend not using the counterfeit product, as it may contain toxic and hazardous ingredients such as arsenic, aluminum, mercury, and even horse urine or rat poison.

To ensure you alway receive the genuine article, always purchase your products here at, or from our list of approved retailers.


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  • This is simply amazing. I wish more brands would follow suit!

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